Things to Do in St Lucia for a Dream Holiday

11 Excellent Reasons You Should Visit St Lucia

Things to do in St Lucia: Pigeon Point Fort Rodney St Lucia
View from Pigeon Point Fort Rodney St Lucia

St Lucia holidays: An Introduction

Visit St Lucia! There are so many things to do in St Lucia. For example, this emerald island set in a turquoise sea has tropical rainforests, sparkling waterfalls, endless beaches, and Caribbean sunsets.

There are volcanic slopes carpeted with cocoa and banana plantations. But you can view forests from the walking trails on the forest floor, or above the forest canopy on an aerial tram.

a hammock tied to a palm tree on the beach st lucia
Relax on the beach in St Lucia (susan-wilkinson-760923-unsplash)

St Lucia beaches are among the finest in the Caribbean. Some say the best in the world! The beaches are mainly on the island’s western coastline nestled between strips of tropical jungle and the Caribbean Sea.

There’s a beach to suit every need. Are you looking for familyfriendly, SCUBA and snorkelling shelters, romantic refuges?   Perhaps the texture of the sand appeals to you. Then try the pure white sand of Anse des Pitons, or  the dark sand of Aste Chastanet or the powdery golden sand of Reduit Beach.

Reduit Beach
Reduit Beach (By XeresNelro – Own work)

St Lucia hotels

The St lucia all-inclusive hotels are among the best in the Caribbean. Many of the St Lucia resorts have a backdrop of magnificent mountains, beautiful beaches, and prosperous plantations. It has a distinct advantage. Add a lush landscape, and the calm blue Caribbean, and you have an irresistible destination.

For visitors who want to keep things simple, a holiday where all the activity and restaurants are on one site is a great choice. This option may particularly interest families.

On the other hand, for travellers who want the basics, there are many large and small independent hotels, from 5-star hotels to guest houses to suit every taste.

Check here for the best St Lucia hotels

St Lucia food

The food in is a collaboration of Creole, French, and West Indian, with a dash of British.  St Lucia offers everything from international cuisine to amazing street food. They love to BBQ. How about chicken, pork, or fish, marinaded in lime and local spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves?

St Lucia Food
The National Dish: Green Fig & Salt Fish

Here you will find Langouste (local lobster), Green Figs (unripe bananas) and Salt Fish, or traditional stews (Pepper Pots). Experience St Lucia food first hand.

Here are 11 more reasons to visit St Lucia:

Marigot Bay

Small wonder that this beautifully sculpted natural harbour is such a popular attraction. Set on the western coast of the island, Marigot Bay is surrounded on three sides by verdant forested hills and majestic palms.

The inner part of the bay shapes a natural hurricane hole used by ships and boats to shelter from the storms. This bay played a significant role in the battles between the British and French navies in 1788.

Today it is home to a spectrum of magnificent yachts and sailboats to local canoes carved from a single tree (known as pirogues).  You will see fishing boats, rowing boats and kayaks, criss-crossing their way between the celeb charters.

What can you do in Marigot Bay

  • First – Yacht watching (worth the trip alone)
  • Second -Explore the bay by kayak, paddle board or dinghy
  • Third – Meet local people at Marina Village and enjoy local culture
  • Finally – Lunch at the Hurricane Hole in Marina Village

Castries St Lucia

In 1785, they renamed the village of Carénage Castries, after Charles Eugène Gabriel de La Croix, marquis de Castries, the French Minister of the Navy and Colonies. Castries is the capital and largest city.

the port at castries
The Port at Castries

Places to visit in Castries

  • Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, 
  • Derek Walcott Square (renamed from Columbus Square to honour the island’s Nobel Prize-winning poet, Derek Walcott)
  • City Library
  • Government House
  • Fort Charlotte, on Morne Fortune (hill 845 ft – 258m).
  • Spend time on the beach at Vigie Beach, Malabar Beach, Choc Beach, and La Toc Beach.

Rodney Bay St Lucia

There are exceptional restaurants, bars and tax-free shopping.

Rodney Bay Villiage

Rodney Bay Village: A buzzing nightlife with late night bars packed with locals and international visitors.

Reduit Beach

Reduit Beach: Features fine white sands, Reduit Beach is one of the best beaches on the island. Reduit Beach is a great time for travellers of all ages. Enjoy snorkelling, scuba diving, and sailing, or relax and soak up the sun.

Rodney Bay Marina
Rodney Bay Marina

Rodney Bay Marina

Walk around Rodney Bay Marina or sit down for a coffee and watch the boats go by.S

Splash Island Water Park

Whether staying in Rodney Bay or making a day trip, the Splash Island Water Park is a safe environment for families. The park’s many obstacle-courses features a climbing wall, monkey bars, a trampoline, a slide, a swing, double rocker, hurdle, flip, and water volleyball. Children must be at least 6 years old.

Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) 

This is the big challenge for many sailors. This annual event in December attracts around 270 boats and 1200 people. It starts in Gran Canaria and the finishing line is Rodney Bay.

Daren Sammy Cricket Ground

Daren Sammy Cricket Ground: (formerly Beausejour Cricket Ground), is on the outskirts of Rodney Bay. They completed it in 2002 and currently accommodates 13,000 spectators. Well worth a visit, the stadium has set a benchmark for excellence.

Things to do in St Lucia: Visit Daren Sammy Cricket Ground
Daren Sammy Cricket Ground: (formerly Beausejour Cricket Ground) By Timothy Barton (

Anse Chastanet

Not just a resort but a unique ECO friendly experience. There is no other place in the Caribbean quite like Anse Chastonet.

The estate covers 600 lush tropical acres skirting two soft sand beaches. This is a World Heritage Site moored to the twin peaks of the Pitons.  Anse Chastonet’s two crystal coves protect miles of colourful coral reefs teeming with tropical fish.

The resort’s accommodations are nestled into the side of the mountain with each villa individually designed. There are no TVs, radios, or telephones in the rooms, so expect to commune with nature. (Okay, you can use your mobile phone and wi-fi is available in reception). Who needs technology when the missing fourth wall in your room looks out at the Piton peaks?

This place is for lovers, divers and discerning holiday makers (escapists?).

Book Anse Chasanet here

St Lucia Wedding

A St Lucia wedding must be many aspiring bride’s dream. It would be difficult to get a better backdrop to a beach wedding than the Caribbean Sea or a green carpet of forested hills.

Many Island resorts have a dedicated wedding coordinator. They can help you plan the wedding of your dreams. From intimate sunset ceremonies to grand wedding celebrations, there’s a customised package to suit every aspiring bride and groom.

Check here for St Lucia all-inclusive resorts

St Lucia Honeymoon

St Lucia is among the most romantic islands in the world. Even Superman flew to Diamond Falls to pick two bird of paradise flowers for his lady, Lois Lane.

things to do in st lucia: walk along the beach at sunset
St Lucia Sunset (nick-fewings-530917-unsplash)

This emerald island sparkles like a jewel against the azure blue sea. Imagine romantic dinners under the gaze of the Pitons or shimmering waterfalls. And swimming in your own private infinity pool with views of the clear blue sea, or walking along a secluded beach to a spectacular sunset.

This island is made for lovers.

Pidgeon Island St Lucia

Pigeon Island National Landmark is one of the most significant historical monuments in St. Lucia. It spreads over forty-four scenic acres. Pigeon Island is open 365 days a year

A living museum: Pigeon Island is home to several distinct attractions, military buildings including a fort, stunning one-of-a-kind beaches, a scenic area, and hiking trails.

St Lucia Jazz Festival- In May each year, musicians from around the Caribbean (and the world) congregate in St Lucia. There are Jazz events throughout the island, culminating in a big finale on Pigeon Island.

Diamond Botanical Gardens

The Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens is an organically stunning site. It has interesting historic connections. For nature lovers, it is a haven for insects and birds, unrivalled in the Caribbean.

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens
Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens (By XeresNelro – Own work)

The Diamond River flows from the Sulphur Springs. It spills volcanic mud, containing minerals, over the rock face, and stains the stone wall with a kaleidoscope of colours. Then tumbles into the tranquil pool below.

The six acres of the gardens include; Botanical Gardens, Mineral Baths, Waterfall, Nature Trail, the Old Mill Restaurant, and the historic Soufriere Estate House.

They found the waters from the Diamond Springs had similar properties as the famous Aix-les-Bains in France and Aix-la-Chapelle or Aachen in Germany.

They constructed these baths so that the French Army of King Louis XVI could enjoy the therapeutic powers of the waters. 

Sailing in St Lucia.

St Lucia is a haven for sailors. Whether you want to charter a magnificent yacht to sail to St Vincent and the Grenadines, or board a sunset catamaran, or hire a kayak for a couple of hours, this island is for you.

Yachts in Marigot Bay
Yachts in Marigot Bay

There is always a dramatic coastline with the iconic Pitons behind your sails. And winter sailing that needs an edge, or summer sailing in calmer waters.

Great yachts harbour in Marigot Bay and the Atlantic Raleigh for Cruisers heads to finish in Rodney Bay.

The Pitons

things to do in st lucia: climb the pitons
The Pitons from Pitons Bay (daniel-hjalmarsson-582584-unsplash)

The iconic Piton Mountain range is a World Heritage Site. These mountains are near Soufrière and Choiseul on the southwestern coast of St. Lucia and are dominated by the two peaks of Gros Piton and Petit Piton.

A dense jungle growth covers the mountains, but you can climb, or rather, hike, because anyone of average ability can enjoy the journey to the top with the aid of a skilled guide.

St Lucia Culture

The Culture of Saint Lucia brings AfricanFrench, and English heritage together. While the official language is English, Creole is widely spoken. The people are predominantly Catholic but a tolerant religious climate exists.

St Lucia Carnival

St Lucia’s Carnival is a vibrant, vivacious, celebration vibrating with the rhythms of calypso and steel bands. Vivid costumes are on view. And the whole event brings the St Lucia heritage together.

St Lucia Carnival
Dressed for the Carnival

The carnival used to mark the start of Lent but was moved to later in the year to avoid clashes with Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago.

Events take place over a month, climaxing in a two-day costumed parade of bands and a Road March competition which take place on the third Monday and Tuesday in July. There is a Junior Carnival and a beauty-pageant.  

They estimate there are 5000 costumed revellers, 30,000 spectators and a television audience of 60,000. If you visit St Lucia in July, prepare yourself for lively music and happy dancing people!


The West Indies love Cricket. As the old song went, “I don’t like cricket – I love it!”  But they also play football throughout the island.

Gros Islet Street Party

This well-known street party happens every Friday. It starts at eight and goes on till late. Live DJs play the sounds of the Caribbean through huge speakers. You will hear calypso, reggae, zouk and R&B.

They line the street with rum punch and drink stalls, along with brilliant food choices from the many BBQs. There are souvenir stalls.

This weekly celebration is an opportunity to engage with the residents over food and beer. Line up for delicious Marlin and Conch, the garlic butter sauce is delicious.

Chat with the artists about their music. You can stay for an hour to get a flavour of the atmosphere, or dance into the night.

In Summary

Some resorts have watersports, while others have wonderful beaches, yet others calm the body and soul with music. But St Lucia has it all.

There is something to appeal to everyone on this beautiful island. The World Travel Awards have voted St Lucia as the “World’s Leading Honeymoon Destination” a notable eight times. But St Lucia is more than a sanctuary for those looking for wedded bliss.

At Rodney Bay you can holiday through water sports, safe-swimming beaches, a world-class Spa, and enjoy international cuisine.

Wherever you stay, you are within an hour of mountain biking through the rainforest, climbing Piton, or visiting a cocoa and banana plantation. There are excursions to see dolphins and whales.

Condé Nast Traveller awarded St Lucia “one of the best islands in the world”.

The island is characterised by its superb beaches, bordered by palm trees. And magnificent tropical rainforests, and lush green valleys that roll down to the sea. St Lucia has glorious sunsets.

The variety of resorts and hotels suit every need and budget. Every holiday will meet your expectations. There are many marvellous things to do in St Lucia!

Go here to book your St Lucia holiday of a lifetime!

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